1. Somehow We’ll Grow Into Some Overlapping Oak (Selected Songs, 2007-2022)
    The Binary Marketing Show

  2. Now You Know (Selected Songs 2010-2018)
    Wild Ones

  3. Imaginal Disc
    If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It

  4. First Light
    Jason Anderson

  5. Unravel
    Guidon Bear

  6. Once Again In The World (Selected Songs, 1998-2020)
    Bonnie 'Prince' BIlly

  7. Time From Work To Go (Selected Songs, 1992-1998)
    Palace Music

  8. You Brought Me Back From The Dead (Selected Songs, 1998-2019)
    Christopher Sutton

  9. Redux
    Dao Strom

  10. Sing Wide (Selected Songs 2002-2019)
    Little Wings

  11. For When the Future Rolls Around (Selected Songs, 2012-2017)
    Two White Cranes

  12. Butch Spring
    Sara Renberg

  13. Lewiston By The Sea
    Tucker Theodore

  14. What it Was and What We Wanted (Selected Songs 2005-2020)
    Jason Anderson

  15. Your Most Secret Name (Selected Songs 2008-2011)
    Twig Palace

  16. Another Song About Riding the Bus (Selected Songs 2002-2020)
    Fred Thomas

  17. Traveler's Ode
    Dao Strom

  18. Deshecha
    Yaara Valey

  19. Yemas
    Yaara Valey

  20. Antiquated Future Records: The First Seven Years
    Various Artists

  21. Downwardly Mobile: Steel Accelerator
    Guidon Bear

  22. LSG
    Tucker Theodore

  23. Slight EP

  24. Lowlight Visions
    The Washboard Abs

  25. Prayer Hands

  26. No Me Tengas Miedo
    Yaara Valey

  27. Night Sands
    Sara Renberg

  28. Like Like

  29. Antumbra Pull
    Pleasure Systems

  30. Lady Hope
    Tucker Theodore

  31. Recurring Chasms
    The Washboard Abs

  32. Fussy
    Appalachian Yard Art

  33. Through Tough Thoughts
    Jordan O'Jordan

  34. Of Loving Grace
    Flying Circles

  35. Antiquated Future Records Sampler
    Various Artists

  36. Lost Songs
    Eleanor Murray

  37. Jazz Demos
    Eleanor Murray

  38. Have U Scanned Ur Club Card?
    The Washboard Abs

  39. Emily Songs
    Sara Renberg

  40. Born to Lose/Born to Leave
    Sister Grotto & Braeyden Jae

  41. lolcats

  42. There Will Be Casualties
    If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It

  43. Kill and Dress
    Tucker Theodore

  44. The Tall Calm
    Sara Renberg

  45. To Make The Sun Hurt
    Tucker Theodore

  46. Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 4
    Various Artists

  47. UnAbleTo
    David Thomas Broughton

  48. Lassen

  49. Mood Music
    Upside Drown

  50. Artifact Effect


Antiquated Future Records Portland, Oregon

A cassette tape label of slightly-skewed pop, indie rock, lo-fi folk, oddball electronic, and soundscape wizardry.

A division of the Antiquated Future zine distro & online store.

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